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If you have a dog or puppy and you’re in need of a dog trainer, then we can help. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes with their own personalities, so finding the right trainer to meet their needs is essential. With our experienced team of experts, we will provide your pup with personalized training that caters to their unique needs. Our methods are effective, kind, and will help guide them to becoming an obedient canine companion. We understand the bond between pup and owner, so rest assured knowing that we will always treat your fur baby with the same love and respect that you give them.

Dogs are incredible companions, but it's important to invest time and effort in their training for them to reach their full potential. That's why we offer a variety of levels of dog training, ranging from basic to intermediate to advanced. Whether you have a puppy who is just starting out or a more experienced pup, our certified training staff will make sure they're learning the skills they need. We provide personalized attention with customized solutions tailored to each owner and pup pair, so you can be confident knowing your pup is getting the best experience possible.

All Mamba G Kennels, clients begin their journey with us by means of a consultation. 

Upon booking this appointment, you will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire about life with your dog.  Please fill it out entirely and completely, as your responses will help our head trainer, Donte, prepare for your consultation. 


Prior to your appointment time, Donte will have a great understanding of your situation and needs.  During your appointment, you will discuss everything and Donte will help you to visualize your end goals, while forming a game plan to reach those goals.

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