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Overnight Boarding

Boarding Polices:

ALL BOARDING DOGS MUST BE SOCIAL AND PASS OUR EVALUATION! NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are a new customer, please begin the onboarding process as early as possible! If you begin the onboarding process within 14 days of your desired boarding dates, there is the risk that there will not be an evaluation slot or kennel available. Please submit your vaccines to with general boarding dates as quickly as possible so we can get you started!


Food: Most important of all! Please bring your dog’s food and related supplementary feeding items (mix-ins, treats, etc.). All feeding items should be accompanied by thorough feeding instructions. Individually bagged meals preferred. In the instance your dog requires food or runs out during their stay, we have high quality house kibble in various proteins types we will substitute for $3 per meal. 

Medications: Make sure to bring all of your dogs necessary medications with the accompanying instructions. We can handle all facets of medication administration. 

Bedding*: We have platform beds in every kennel, but extra cushion and comfort never hurt anyone! Feel free to bring dog beds or extra blankets.

Personal Items*: Bring your dogs favorite personal items, like toys (non- shreddable), special blankets, or a parents t-shirt.

*We reserve the right to remove specific belongings and items from kennels if we deem them to be a potential health hazard. These include rope toys, shreddable soft toys, collars, leashes, harnesses, articles or clothing, and other.


Weekdays: Dogs dropping for their boarding stay Monday-Friday have two options. If they would like to participate in our daily daycare program the day of drop off, they must arrive at our facility by 11:00am. If you prefer to opt out of daycare, drop off times are between 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Weekends: We have two pickup time slots on weekends. Please let us know which you prefer at the time of booking. 

9:00 am or 5:00 pm.


Weekdays: Dogs being picked up from their boarding stay Monday-Friday may be picked up anytime between 8:00am-6:00pm. Dogs being picked up after 11:00am  will be charged the $15 daycare access fee.

Weekends: We have two pickup time slots on weekends. Please let us know which you prefer at the time of drop off. 

9:00 am or 5:00 pm.

Other pickup requests must be approved by MambaGK Staff.

NOTE: We do not allow pick ups or drop offs on any major holidays!


All boarding stays require a 50% deposit of stay total due up front at time of booking in addition to a valid card on file. Your stay is not reserved or finalized until the deposit has been successfully submitted. 


We know things come up and sometimes you may need to alter or cancel your stay. In the instance you need to cancel, we have the following deposit refund options:

72+ hours from stay: 100% refund of deposit

72 – 48 hours from stay: 50% refund of deposit

Under 48 hours from stay: No refunds given


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