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Our favorite Puppy food

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Ok so we have gotten a lot of questions from people asking us what do we feed our pups. Ok we feed our pups a combination of raw and kibble(Dry dog food). When it comes to the raw we will have a future blog post covering that. As for the dry dog food we follow what works for us. Here we actually mix our dry foods. We like what a few brands off and we like to keep the food fresh for our pups. And we have found if mixed property using the right foods the puppies love it and so does their bodies! We have tried a few different dry foods . Some we have given straight some we have mixed. We have found our favorite mix to be Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy & Sportsmix Large Breed Puppy. We have tried other mixes but this is our puppies favorite. It may vary for you but this works great for us. All our pups have great coats, good size, good health, solid stools, and all around healthy. You can find these foods using our links below if you want to give em a try. Our pups highly recommend them!

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