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Our 1st adoption

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Meet "Legend". We adopted legend from the ASPCA. He was an owner surrender, meaning his owner could no longer care for him so he dropped him off at our local shelter. Now his owner reason was that he originally got legend with his "roommate" who moved out and left him with the dog. He says he lives in an apartment and legend just got too big for the space. Thats why here at MGK we vet all our prospective puppy buyers. Owning a dog is a big responsibility. Everyone wants a puppy but will you love him his whole life unconditionally? Because thats what they deserve! Dogs just want to give and be loved. So before you get a new pup just ask yourself, Am I really ready for this? Am I prepared to deal with everything that comes with dog ownership? I hope so because there are a lot of dogs out here that need a loving home. As you can see since we got legend we've showered him with nothing but love and he is an awesome dog!

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