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We have a lot coming man, like for starters, New logo alert! Couple inspirations went into creating this logo. Btw I did create this logo myself, but the inspiration came from of course the letter M. But the letter M means alot to me. When I see the letter M one name instantly comes to mind and thats "Mamba". Now some of you may know but Mamba was one of my favorite people of all time the late great Kobe Bryants nicknames. RIP to the Legend and his daughter Gianna! So in turn I named my pups and my business in honor of his legacy. Not only do I think of Kobe the "Black Mamba" Bryant but I also think of the word Motivation. Now motivation can come from anywhere and in many forms but the most important thing is that you have it. Not only do you want to be motivated but you also want to be able to motivate others. Thats the true gift to give back. If we can motivate the next generation to be better than we are then only great things can be expected for our future children and the futures to come. So yea the letter M means a WHOLE lot to me and I hope when you see and read this the letter M can inspire you too! #MambaOut #MGK #MotivatingGenerationalKings #FinancialFreedom #PuppyFindingService #Blogger#Vlogger

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