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Amazon or Chewy??

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Do you get all your stuff from Amazon like us? lol Yes, we know they have everything from luxury beauty supplies to automotive stuff. Shoot I just found out you can buy a whole car on there lol But yes they are amazing but they are very widcast. this is NOT a knock on amazon we LOVE amazon we just want to simply inform some people, who may not know abuts site specially for your pets called Chewy. Chewy is awesome they have everything for dogs all the way down to small reptiles. And they even have a awesome subscription service where you could save tons on your 1st order. But I will say unlike amazon they don't have everything but im sure they have the perfect products for your new puppy!

You can use our affiliate link and right now and chewy is offering 30%. off you 1st auto ship, Go check em out now! We recommend the Puppy Kong. They come in Blue or Pink and make great training toys. We have quite a few here at MGK and they are very affordable and I have not had to replace

one yet! Oh yea the pups love em too lol

But like i said we love Amazon. I just wanted to give the ones who don't know some info on other resources for their pets But real quick before I go let me tell you guys about Amazon's new platform Amazon Business, Its pretty cool if say so myself. All business owners should check it out!

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